As an event watcher, I want to search and access live and captured events through the same interface


As an avid live event watcher I'd like to go to our University's Matterhorn-based video portal and see the live events that are scheduled for today, and the near future, in addition to the video on demand for past events that have been captured, ingested, processed and published by Matterhorn.

For instance, my university's video portal shows me that an event is scheduled for today at 1 pm. Great! At exactly 1 pm, I'll be able to watch the live event in our video portal (the live event is produced by a cameraman + Wirecast + Wowza + some video player, based on Matterhorn metadata). After the live event is over, I'd be able to watch the event('s) recording(s) which has/have been uploaded to the portal by the cameraman.

Because the live event metadata and recording metadata are both handled by Matterhorn, the live and captured events would not be individual entries in the video portal's calendar but a joint entry, which would give me as a video watcher a nice user experience.


Rute Santos


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