Upload page skips WF properties that are set to false

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Upload a file using the default workflow
2. Untick the archive option
3. Inspect workflow and look at the configuration

Actual Results:

archiveOp is not present

Expected Results:

archiveOp = false

Though not unset is equivalent to false, this can cause problems if you have an operation that sets default values for config properties if they are unset, as false will always be overrided by the default.

Scheduling the workflow appears to correct add archiveOp=false


James Perrin
July 27, 2015, 9:12 PM

This also occurs when workflows are applied to the archived mediapackages.

The javascript console suggests that ocWorkflowPanel is not being created at the right time or that corresponding code in ocworkflow.js is being called too early. The outcome is that ocWorkflowPanel.registerComponents() is possibly not being called.

Greg Logan
March 30, 2017, 7:10 PM

Since we've discontinued support for all 1.x branches, we are resolving these as Won't Fix. If this is a problem for you, and the problem affects a current 2.x branch please reopen and set the Affects Version field appropriately, or speak up on list.




James Perrin


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