several problems with the metadata form to create a new event

Steps to reproduce

1. Click "Add Event"
2. If I already created an event, the data is already pre-filled in and there is no clean button. - Okay this happens only if I am not submitting the event. So it is probably more a feature.
3. Click on the title row to enter a text

  • A text input opens

  • type something -> nothing happens. You have to click on the text input field again to enter some text, as it has no focus.

  • If I only enter the title but nothing else the "next" button is still greyed out, but fortunately it still works.
    4. Press tab or return key to enter the text and ideally enter some text into the next text field
    -> the focus for keyboard input is on an undefined position now. You need the mouse to select the next text field.
    5. If I enter a presenter or contributor:

  • I search for the contributor only by the username, I cannot search for the real name.

  • if I typed the username and I click on the suggested entry with the mouse, the autocompleted username is filled into the field. Unlike in every other dropdown in this form the value is only set by pressing return and not by clicking elsewhere.
    6. The list of languages is way too long and is hard to filter. Is it pre-configureable somewhere?
    7. An already set Presenter cannot be removed. Very unfortunate in combination with point 2.


Xavier Butty


RĂ¼diger Rolf


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