Allow to have free-text value for presenters, contributors, organizers or publishers

Steps to reproduce

In several views, persons can only be selected from a pre-defined list of persons.

"Event Details" > Metadata > Presenter
"Event Details" > Metadata > Contributor
"Series Details" > Metadata > Contributor

But what shall we do, if a presenter is not a Matterhorn user? In a lecture recording world, this scenario is quite likely.
A combination of both world would is needed: Provide a dropdown list where a person can be selected but also allow the user to just write a "string" and not selecting a known user.

+ Allow input to save free text in addition to directory values
+ The filters should point to the index. That means any contributor, whether it comes from the MH directory or it is free text should be available to select in the Filters. Example:

Serie 1 => Presenter 1 (User Dir)
Serie 2 => Presenter 2 (User Dir)
Serie 3 => Presenter 3 (Free text)

Presenter filter values should show:
+ Presenter 1
+ Presenter 2
+ Presenter 3

Affected Locations:
+ Series: Organizers, Contributors, Publishers
+ Events: Presenters, Contributors

Fixed and reviewed


Xavier Butty


Xavier Butty


Usability Issue

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