Issues with matterhorn-engage-theodul-plugin-archetype

Steps to reproduce

  • Versions are inconsistent and incorrect

  • module does not build

  • module is not in build chain (main pom.xml, -Dall)

  • checkstyle complains if version is fixed


RĂ¼diger Rolf
June 4, 2015, 10:03 AM

Hi Lars,

you might have a wrong impression what this module is. There is no need to build this module in the build chain, as it is an developer only module.

This module creates the arche-type for maven to create new theodul plugins.

More on this module can be found here:

In general I tested the plugin and it worked after updating the version information. But there are some minor defects, like the wrong default version etc. But these can easily be adjusted by the developer of the new module.

I will do the needed updates to make it work at all for 2.0 and do the major adjustments for 2.1.

But in general I would not see it as a critical bug, as no Matterhorn functionality at all is not working, so I downgrade the bug.

Fixed and reviewed




Lars Kiesow


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