Spanish layout is broken

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The Spanish translations of some terms are considerably longer than their English counterparts. As a result, the layout is broken in some cases.

We can either fix the layout or make the translations a bit shorter. On the second case, that would mean using less exact wording (we could name "Media" as "Vídeos", which may be misunderstood for "video only files") or using terms that sound funny in normal speech ("Medios" could be a literal translation from "Media", but it really means "Means" --as in "by all means"--, and "Media" is not really used in Spanish --in Spain, at least--).

It's important to notice that there are space left to the right of the section titles (see attached image) and though these seem to have a fixed width.

I don't think this is a RB, but still it's a little annoying that the layout is broken for one of the languages offered in the translation.


Sven Stauber
April 5, 2016, 10:28 AM

This issue has been resolved in Opencast 2.1.

Fixed and reviewed
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