Inconsistency between MySQL DDL and MySQL upgrade script

Steps to reproduce

While transfering the MySQL DDL ( and Upgrade Script ( to Postgres, I noticed several inconsistencies:


1. The mh_search table changes from 1.6 to 2.0. This is not reflected in the upgrade script.
You should add

ALTER TABLE mh_search
ADD COLUMN "series_id" VARCHAR(128) AFTER "id",

to the upgrade script


2. The columns of the mh_user_settings table are not equal between the DDL and the upgrade script:

The DDL says:
CREATE TABLE mh_user_settings (
username varchar(128) NOT NULL,
organization varchar(128) NOT NULL,

But the upgrade script says:
CREATE TABLE mh_user_settings (
username varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,
organization varchar(128) DEFAULT NULL,


3. The Upgrade script introduces a change to the mh_organization_property table:

ALTER TABLE mh_organization_property MODIFY value TEXT(65535);

This change is not reflected in the DDL:

CREATE TABLE mh_organization_property (
value VARCHAR(255),

Fixed and reviewed
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Lukas Rohner


Alexander Bias


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