Update Episode DublinCore metadata in all locations regardless of workflow state


This ticket is to track the Metasynch Update and Delete community contrib feature developed at Harvard University DCE, as described at the March 2015 Opencast Summit.


  • Simple API: REST endpoint to Update Episode dublincore data. Takes a mediapackage identifier and an episode catalog and returns a tracking Id or 0 if no work is needed.

  • REST endpoints for managing requests.

  • Asynchronous: takes in multiple update requests for the same mpId, and updates them by date. Updates data immediately and after again after RUNNING workflows have completed.

  • Sends notification on failure.

  • Modular: direct interaction with Opencast services is encapsulated into specialized classes than can be easily swapped out.


Greg Logan
June 10, 2019, 3:18 PM

I'm assuming this is done?

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