Jobs table should be improved to be of real use


Currenlty, the Job table has the following four columns:

Title | Workflow | Status | Submitted

So far, ok.


  • The column workflow does not work at all, i.e. no data is ever shown

  • The operations with the Title "START_OPERATIONS" does not help to understand what is going on and should be never shown for that reason

  • Usability: For each workflow operations that is executed, the operations should up and disappears as soon as it is finished. This leads to very much changes in the table in case of short-lived operations which makes it hard to work with the table.

What would be nice:

1. Always show at least on row for a running workflow instance

  • Prevents the many changes in the table for short-lived operations, i.e. makes the content of the table more steady and therefore better browsable

  • At the end of the day, processing of a video consists of multiple processing steps. Those are, however, not independent. Therefore it would be nice to have this one row reflecting that fact
    2. Do not display the useless "START_OPERATION". Reason: It really does not help at all
    3. Actually, it would be nice to see what data (mediapackage) is actually processed. A good enough solution would be to add an Actions column with a link to Event Details->Workflows->Operations for the respective workflow


Sven Stauber
August 13, 2018, 3:46 PM

This issue has been reported by me and is meanwhile outdated. I therefore close this issue as "Won't Fix".

Won't Fix




Sven Stauber