Actions->Start Task: User can press create button multiple times

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to Recordings->Events
2. Select multiple events
3. Go to Recordings->Events->Actions->Start Task
4. Select task "Update previews"
5. Go to Recordings->Events->Actions->Start Task->Summary

Actual Results:
When the user presses the "Create" button, the Start Task dialog is still there and the user can press the "Create" button again and again. While the task will be executed as expected, there will be a notification stating that the task could not be created (the problem is that it has already been created before).

Expected Results:
Once the user clicks on "Create", the window disappears. Under no circumstances, the users can just press the "Create" button multiple times.

Workaround (if any):

Fixed and reviewed
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Lukas Rohner


Sven Stauber


Incorrectly Functioning Without Workaround

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