Ability to Search on part of a Series Identifier, instead of just exact match


As an Opencast adopter, I need an option to search with part of a series identifier and retrieve a set of series that match the partial identifier.

We reuse our university's existing unique course offering identifiers for the Opencast series identifier when we create series via the Series REST endpoint.

Our series identifier is a composite that incorporates the academic year and term <academic year><academic term><course number>. For example, offering 20160112345 is a unique series identifier for a course that is offered in academic year 2016, academic term 01, with course number 12345.

In order to collect a set of Matterhorn series by academic year and term, we need an optional parameter on the Series service to allow a fuzzy match on a partial series identifier. For example, 201601 will return all series from academic year 2016, term 01.

Other Matterhorn adopters have also adopted this form of series identifier* and may benefit from a fuzzy series id search.



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