Theodul Player: Audio mute icon not updated while the player is stopped

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce (Case 1: Mute indicated, but not muted):
1. Open the Theodul Player
2. Stop the player
3. Press on the "mute" button (speaker icon)
4. Drag the audio volume to about 50%

Actual Results:
Although the user has set an audio volume, the "speaker" icon still indicates that audio is muted (which is incorrect).
As soon as the player is started, the icon is updated.

Expected Results:
As soon as the user selects a non-zero volume, the "speaker" icon should not indicate mute anymore.

Steps to reproduce (case 2: Setting audio volume to zero)
1. Open the theodul player
2. Stop the player
3. Set the audio volume to zero by dragging the volume to the left

Actual result:
The "speaker" icons does not indicate mute. Is does indicate mute correctly as soon as the player plays.

Expected result:
The speaker icon should indicate "mute" as soon as the users sets the audio volume to zero

Workaround (if any):


Sven Stauber
August 13, 2018, 3:45 PM

I haven't tracked the status of this issue and won't fix it. I therefore resolve this issue as "Won't Fix".

Won't Fix




Sven Stauber


Usability Issue