As a producer, I want more control over the audio muxing facility of WOH prepare-av


WOH prepare-av can be used for simple audio muxing jobs. Currently, if the source-flavor has a video track only, the configuration key 'promiscuous-audio-muxing' can be set to true to let prepare-av perform the following audio muxing:

1. Try to find a track with audio of flavor */<subtype-of-source-flavor>
2. Try to find any track with audio in the media package

This doesn't help for the following use case:
A video track needs to be muxed with an audio track that has not the same type as the video track.
In this use case, step 1 (finding an audio track of flavor */<subtype-of-source-flavor) won't find an audio track and just looking for any track in the mediapackage that has audio does not work in general since there could be other tracks with audio not related to the video track.

Therefore, the configuration key "promiscuous-audio-muxing" is replaced by another configuration key 'audio-muxing-source-flavors' that allows the specification of a sequence of source flavors that should be scanned from left to right to find the appropriate audio track.

This allows for more fine-grained control over how audio tracks are located.


Fixed, needs review


Sven Stauber


Sven Stauber