Scheduler and Workflow impl's update mediapackage using different procedures

Steps to reproduce

This is a code duplication issue that was discovered while fixing

  • The scheduleImplopulateMediapackageWithStandardDCFields() updates the MP by directly accessing the episode catalog. populateMediapackageWithStandardDCFields()

  • The workflowImplopulateMediaPackageMetadata() uses, what I assume to be correct method, is a list of CatalogServices that populate an interim mediapackagemetadata object, which it then used to update the actual mediapackage. (over engineered but extendable).

In theory only the workflowImpl needs to update the mediapackage as the scheduler calls workflowImpl.update. However it has been discussed that it would be safer if the both call the same update method on the mediapackage rather than the scheduler just changing the catalogs and letting the workflowImpl do the rest

TODO check 2.x


James Perrin
February 26, 2016, 4:08 PM

Fixes to the mediapackagemetadata handle need to be applied before the functionality can be moved.

Won't Fix
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James Perrin


James Perrin



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