Silence Detection / Video Editor Waveform bug

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Download the video file
2. Upload it as "Presenter" using the workflow "Process upon upload and schedule"
3. Wait until processing is finished
4. Open the video editor

Actual Results:
The Video Editor has a layout problem considering the waveform representation: There are scrollbars since the waveform seems to be "longer" than the video duration.
See screenshot for the layout problem.
Why is content="52209ms" and clipEnd="51925ms"?

Note sure whether this is because of the SMIL or the Video Editor handling the SMIL....

Expected Results:
Layout should be correct, i.e. no scrollbars.

Workaround (if any):
Disable silent detection

Note that this problem does not occur with all video content, but it always occurs with the file downloaded in step 1.


Christian Greweling
April 11, 2016, 11:01 PM

Korrekt die Streamlänge ist unterscheidlich und somit ist auch das verhalten der UI soweit richtig.
Videospur länge: 52.208333 Audiospurlänge : 51.946667 somit hört das Audiosegement nach 51.946667 auf.
Man kann die Gesamtlänge mit dem Videoeditor auf 52.208333 setzen, ohne das dies zu Problemem führt.
Die Länge der Audiowaveanzeige wird auf die Länge der Audiospur gesetzt. Das sollte dan auf die Länge des Videos.

Sven Stauber
April 11, 2016, 11:04 PM

Müsste nicht prepare-av dafür sorgen, dass beide Stream gleich lang sind?

Christian Greweling
April 11, 2016, 11:59 PM

Prepare AV sorgt gerade dafür, dass Streams in den unterschiedlichen Falvors gleich lang sind.
Presenter / audio, Presenter/ video, Presetation / video .... usw.
Soweit ich weiss wird nicht nach längen innerhalb eines Kontainers geprüft/encodiert.

Sven Stauber
April 12, 2016, 1:32 AM

Hi Christian, just discussed this with Lars: It is fine if a movie has different length for audio / video streams, but looking at the screenshots, this should not cause the video editor to display a scrollbar and also (look at the middle screenshot), the length of the waveform should be consistent with the editable length of the waveform: The middle screenshot suggests that there is some more audio after the last scene (which is not selectable, IIRC).

Christian Greweling
April 13, 2016, 10:02 PM

fixed it by disabling the Scrollbars. The Scrollbars are shown if the last Cutting Element is shorter than the width of "x" for delete.
Created a new issue for the wrong Waveform length in the Editor #MH-11433.

Fixed and reviewed


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Sven Stauber


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