Table resizing on System->Servers and Systems->Services incorrect

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Go to either Systems->Servers and Systems->Services
2. Resize the browser window horizontally, make it smaller and smaller

Actual Results:
The bar above the table header containing the "Edit" link has wrong resizing behaviour (see screenshots)

Expected Results:
The bar above the table header containing the "Edit" link should resize the same way as the table does.

Note that resizing works correct for all other tables.


Jan Koppe
April 24, 2016, 11:17 AM

I think that the source for this error is a bit different than this bug report suggests. The admin UI expects a window with a minimum width of 1100px and scales accordingly. The initial behaviour of all tables is exactly the same - the reason why the systems/servers and systems/services tables appear to resize differently is that the table headers in sum are always wider than 1100px, effectively breaking the layout.

You can try this out by adding/removing columns in the tables.

IMO there are two sane approaches to fixing this:
1: Scaling down the table contents or Admin UI in general when approaching smaller widths (media queries?)
2: Making the minimum width depend on the width of the table.

The first approach would drastically chane the look & feel of the admin ui on smaller screens. The second approach would not consider usability issues on smaller screens (you'd have to scroll horizontally, which is always a bit weird.)

A third, naive approach could be to remove some columns from the table as a standard setting, which would not really address the underlying issue.

I'll look into approach #2 first, not sure how complicated that would actually be.

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