Admin UI links used inconsistently

Steps to reproduce

The Admin displays several links in the right upper corner: A help menu shows links to external documentation and a media module icons links to the media module.

All links can be configured as organisation properties.

Currently, the following inconsistencies are present:

  • Help menu
    The Admin UI contains logic to hide the help menu in case none of the help links are set. Recently, however, hard-coded default values were introduced which doesn't make sense in this context
    Also, there are more than one help links, but the fact that they are used both in the help menu is not obvious when looking at the property names

  • Media Module link
    The media module link does not support hiding in case no media module is set. Also, the property name does not indicate that this is just a link used by the Admin UI.
    Currently, the admin ui appends '/engage/ui' to the media module link which is specific to Engage.

Fixed and reviewed
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Sven Stauber


Sven Stauber


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