FFmpeg Inspection Service Test - accurateFrameCount

Steps to reproduce

Following the discussion in "Help installing on Ubuntu 14.04"

The MediaInspectionServiceImplTest runs the test while setting the MediaInspector accurateFrameCount to true (while in production code this is all set to false). The test then returns an inaccurate frame count to test against.

The MediaInspectionService uses FFmpegAnalyzer to get the meta data information of the video/audio track.

FFmpegAnalyzer uses 'ffprobe' to retrieve the details from the track. The one command option that can be added (depends on boolean configuration variable: accurateFrameCount) is --count-frames.

In the test case the configuration variable is set to true.
In all the implementation classes this is set to false.

In the build it fails to pass the MediaInspectionServiceImplTest.

Steps to reproduce:
1. mvn clean install

Actual Results:
Fails to successfully build:

<testcase name="testEnrichment" classname="org.opencastproject.inspection.ffmpeg.MediaInspectionServiceImplTest" time="0.163">
<failure message="expected:<46>; but was:<44>;" type="java.lang.AssertionError"><![CDATA[java.lang.AssertionError: expected:<46> but was:<44>
at org.junit.Assert.fail(Assert.java:88)
at org.junit.Assert.failNotEquals(Assert.java:743)
at org.junit.Assert.assertEquals(Assert.java:118)
at org.junit.Assert.assertEquals(Assert.java:555)
at org.junit.Assert.assertEquals(Assert.java:542)
at org.opencastproject.inspection.ffmpeg.MediaInspectionServiceImplTest.testEnrichment(MediaInspectionServiceImplTest.java:158)
<system-out><![CDATA[09:57:43 INFO (MediaInspector:329) - Successfully inspected track file:/opt/2.2.x/modules/matterhorn-inspection-service-ffmpeg/target/test-classes/test.mp4

Expected Results:
Should pass and build successfully

Workaround (if any):

Fixed and reviewed


Corné Oosthuizen


Corné Oosthuizen


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