Non privileged user can not login on presentation node

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1.) create an unprivileged user which is able to manage series,
events and so on on the admin node.

2. ) try to login with this account using
https://<presentation-node>/admin-ng/login.html, the user is
redirected to https://<presentation-node>/index.html. The login
failed and you get an HTTP 403 error (access is denied).

3. ) try to login with this account using the possibility given under https://<presentation-node>/engage/index.html. The login is successful.

Actual Results:

Expected Results:
The unprivileged user should also be able to use case 2) to login in an presentation node (like the admin user)

Workaround (if any):
Use case 3)


RĂ¼diger Rolf
May 30, 2016, 11:43 AM

I could not reproduce this issue for the presentation node at all. I was forwarded to the engage UI with every user except admin (who was forwarded to the old welcome page) but I had an issue on the admin node: there I was forwarded to engage/ui if I was not the admin and git an 404 as there was no engage/ui on the admin node. I could not logout, as the error page did not have a logout and even going to the admin-ui url did only return a 403 and no logout.

Ruth Lang
May 30, 2016, 12:41 PM

It seems, that we have different versions. Your problem with the admin node did not occur in our version. As a non admin user I am asked by the Theodul player to login. And that works for us. It would also be interesting, which main roles are attached to your user. In our case we use a grouped role (a lot of roles and ROLE_ADMIN_UI and ROLE_USER).

Lars Kiesow
June 7, 2016, 4:57 PM

The problem here is the ROLE_ADMIN_UI. I created a pr to fix this issue.

Fixed and reviewed


Lars Kiesow


Ruth Lang


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