UI date formats are wrong for most of the English-speaking world

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create an event in the admin UI

Actual Results:

Dates shown in m/d/yy format

Expected Results:

All English-speaking countries except US (and maybe Canada) use d/m/y


Perhaps the admin UI needs an English (UK) language selection.


Stephen Marquard
June 18, 2016, 1:04 AM

If you don't live in the US, it is a bug. So I would say we can close/resolve it once either (a) English/GB shows up as a language option with the right date formats in a daily build, or (b) we change English/US to yyyy-mm-dd for consistency throughout the UI and to avoid ambiguity. That just leaves the cultural offence of identifying "English" as "US" .

Sven Stauber
June 18, 2016, 2:28 AM

Hi Stephen and Lars, what I am trying is the following: I created en-GB on Crowdin and currenlty, I am taking over the en-US translation to en-GB on Crowdin 1:1.
I think (have to test this) that the Admin UI supports locales for en-GB which should make the date formats en-GB (instead of en-US). For the player, the date formats can be specified as far as I know.
So I am indeed going for (a) but just use en-US as initial translation for en-GB.
Let's see how this works out.

So at the end of the day, the UK flag will be there and hopefully the UK locales.

Stephen Marquard
December 7, 2016, 7:10 PM

It looks like some of the date formats in the admin UI are generated differently, because they show strings adaptively e.g. "Yesterday" (screenshot-1). It doesn't look like the date format of these can be directly updated through the crowdin translations, so needs some more investigation.

Sven Stauber
December 7, 2016, 7:22 PM

Hi Stephen, parts of the localization come from different libraries. Probably, there is no need for action to adapt those other than adding a language/country (that is English and officially uses the date formats you're looking for). To see an example of how a new language/country is added to Opencast, see https://bitbucket.org/opencast-community/matterhorn/pull-requests/1042/mh-11643-add-language-support-for-polish/diff

Stephen Marquard
January 6, 2017, 7:59 PM

Date formats in the Admin UI are now correct when UK English is selected as the language.

Fixed and reviewed


Stephen Marquard


Stephen Marquard


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