Wowza streaming server needs flv: prefix for flv files

Steps to reproduce

Found the same bug for 1.6 (MH-10506) which was fixed for 1.6

As in described, Wowza needs the "flv:" tag to work properly.

  1. Some newer streaming server versions expect an "flv:" tag within the rtmp URL.

  2. Not every RTMP-streaming server is compatible with this (i.e. nginx), so this

  3. is the compatibility mode to the old syntax.

  4. true = without "flv:" tag - old syntax

  5. false = with "flv:" tag - new syntax

Steps to reproduce (just copied them from the old issue):
1. Install a Wowza 4 Media-Server following these instructions:
2. ingest a file with the default workflow (compose-distribute...) that produces an FLV video
3. try to play the video and you get an Error Message: "Stream not found".
4. When trying to test the stream with the Wowza engine manager I noticed that in Wowza 4 it seems that the prefix flv: before the stream-name is needed, otherwise the stream will not be found. Matterhorn omits the prefix.

Actual Results:
Stream is not being found. Changing the setting of "org.opencastproject.streaming.flvcompatibility=false" to true or false makes no difference. Also when inspecting the media package via the rest endpoint, the stream URL is not correct, because the "flv:" tag is missing.

Expected Results:
Player should play the stream correctly.

Workaround (if any):
in modules/matterhorn-distribution-service-streaming/src/main/java/org/opencastproject/distribution/streaming/ change:

  • String tag = "flv".equals(ext) ? "" : ext + ":";
    + String tag = ext + ":";


Sven Laudel
October 4, 2016, 3:47 PM
Fixed and reviewed
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