Metadata editing - inconsitent behaviour eg when editing mutliple entries with the "<" and ">" symbols

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:

1. Schedule multiple events with start time and duration
2. Click on the event details icon in the Action column
3. Change the duration to a new value
3. Forward to the next event via the ">" sign
4. See that the next event's duration field displays the "new value" of the previous recording
5. When clicking into the duration field, see that it holds the right value of the present recording

Also, it shows that paging through the recordings of a list with the ">" and the "<" symbol,
when changing an entry, eg. the title, that the event details do not get updated according to the (correct) header at the top!

Also, I observe that eg. changing the title in one screen will eventually change the title for another recording also, etc. Very inconsistent behaviour, should spend some more time to reproduce this.

Actual Results:
The entered new duration/title didn't make it into the AdminUI; it's still the old duration. Or it is the same duration/title for this and another event which was browsed with ">" and "<". A bit unpredictable.

Expected Results:
All data to display correctly even if I browse with ">" and "<", and all data to change only for the event where modified, not for any other event I browsed to with ">" and "<".

Workaround (if any):
Edit each recording individually, without browsing.

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Andi Krieger


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