ACL Series Edit needs an explicit save action

Steps to reproduce

Updating a Series ACL is a very expensive operation server-side, as the ACLs for each event in the Series are also updated (see ).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a series
2. Edit the series
3. Go to ACL tab
4. Add a role and read and write permissions for the role

Actual Results:

Two POST operations to /admin-ng/series/SERIESD/access - one when you click on the checkbox for Read permission, and the second when you click on the checkbox for Write permission.

As the dialog saves each ACL change as it happens, there are at least 2 POST requests for each role added. If additional roles are added, then there are 2 x roles post requests.

Expected Results:

There should be Save / Cancel buttons and only one POST once all series changed have been made in the UI.

Workaround (if any):




Stephen Marquard