Location field is not validated in Admin UI

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Schedule an event in the Admin UI for a capture agent. Note that the list of available capture agents is constrained to the CAs which have registered with the server, and you can enter free text here for the location.

2a. Edit the metadata of the scheduled event. Edit the Location field. Type in a string which is not a valid CA name:

The CA name is not validated, and the event is thus scheduled for an unknown location.

2b. Edit the metadata of the scheduled event. Edit the Location field. Provide a valid CA but one which already has another scheduled recording at the same time as the current recording.

Conflicts are not checked, and a conflicting event is thus scheduled without warning to the user.

The update is a PUT to


with the new location info.

Expected Results:

CA name should be validated and incorrect values should not be accepted.

The Location field should be a drop-down of known CA names (same as when scheduling a new event or selecting a series).

Workaround (if any):


duncan smith
July 25, 2017, 7:01 AM

Merged in PR #1486. Silly mistake of mine in not naming the the branch name properly

Fixed and reviewed
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