As a LMS operator, I want my LMS users to stay within the LMS workflow as much as possible when using the Video Editor


All LMS plugins using the External API rely on the Admin UI Video Editor for cutting videos, i.e. the LMS will open the Admin UI Video Editor on a separate page to allow LMS users to edit videos.
While this inherently brings LMS users into contact with the Admin UI, there is one point that is very undesirable in this context:
When the (LMS) user presses on "Save" or "Save and Process" in the Video Editor, this causes a navigation to the Events table.

The goal of this story is to improve the LMS scenario by allowing the caller of the Video Editor page to specify whether the Video Editor shall navigate to the Events page upon "Save" or "Save and Process" or whether it should open a modal dialog saying "You can now close this page".




Sven Stauber