As a course admin, I want to allow roles in the UI for ACLs that match a pattern


A common use-case in integration scenarios is to add roles to Series ACLs to permit members of a course to access recordings in a series.

This may be the case where users authenticate via LTI or a user directory provider, and the roles may be of the form courseid_Learner or courseid_Instructor. courseid is typically numeric.

Discussion thread here:!topic/users/MoXORV9hoAY

It is proposed to add this ability to the CustomRoleProvider so that a regexp pattern may be specified in /etc/, e.g.[0-9]+_Learner

The ACL editor in the Admin UI will then call findRoles() to validate a role name that is manually entered (typed in rather than selected from drop-down list). If the CustomRoleProvider matches the regexp it will return the offered role name from findRoles and so the role will be permitted.


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Stephen Marquard



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