Extended metadata should be applied on event create wizard

Steps to reproduce

If you've configured extended metadata, the user input from event create dialog should be added as catalog to the media package (on manual upload). Currently the Admin UI does not handle these values and do not send the data to the backend.

How to reproduce:
1. configure extended metadata in opencast (see https://docs.opencast.org/develop/admin/configuration/metadata/#extended-metadata)
2. open create-new-event wizard in the admin UI
3. fill out some (extended) metadata and create a new event
4. make sure, the extended metadata are added as catalog to the newly created event during processing and are shown in the event details UI
(5.) add some workfloow steps to archive and publish the extended metadata catalog <-- only necessary for production use, can be skipped for testing purposes

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Waldemar Smirnow


Waldemar Smirnow


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