View/play buttons (Admin-UI-ng) should respect player settings from tenant configuration


Karen Dolan
March 14, 2019, 9:07 PM

If reading this ticket WARNING The PublishEngageWorkflowOperationHandler actually publishes to a redirect page, not a path to a player. The "engage/ui/watch.html" redirect page retrieves the tenant configuration at runtime and redirects the user to the actual player path along with the passed mediapackage id. This is to enable the user to easily and quickly swap players without republishing.

the watch.html includes redirect.js:

The patch associated to this ticket will be reverted.

With, hopefully, a big comment message that the path being added by PublishEngage WOH, is to a fixed redirect link that will find the correct tenant configured player link at runtime.

For anyone caught by having their real tenant player link added to the mediapackage and published, a workaround is to copy the redirect watch.html to the name of your real/former tenant player link, also copy the required imported javascript to your old tenant link. Then your old tenant player path will be able to redirect to your new player path.

Fixed and reviewed


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