As an administrator, I'd like to see running workflows and take actions on them


Discussed on dev list in the context of workflow error handlers that pause a workflow.!topic/dev/4v5GmJDxuUc

1. Add ability to take actions on workflows in the Events UI (specifically to resume a workflow that's on hold / paused, and it would probably also be useful to be able to stop a workflow).

2. Add Systems / Workflows table:

From Sven S:

"I also would consider a Systems->Workflows table mainly as a monitoring facility.

Use cases I would expect in such a table would be, for example:

1. As an administrator, I need to be able to pause workflows in case my system gets heavily overloaded.
2. As an administrator, I need to be able to resume pause workflows
3. As an administrator, I need to be able to stop and delete workflows without deletion of the event
4. As an administrator, I want an optimized overview of what is currently being processed

The motivation of addressing such use cases not in Recordings->Events is mainly that it would fit into the table-style very well: Having "Delete", "Stop", "Pause" "Play" as actions in the column "Actions" of that table is very obvious to understand. For an event, it is not obvious, what those buttons would mean and which workflow they affect.
The table itself could, for example, display the start time of the workflow instead the start time of the recording. You don't really need the "Presentes" column, but execution host would be more interesting, etc. The Details dialog could directly list workflow operations instead of metadata or publications (which are not highly relevant in this context)...

Doesn't mean that for 99.9% of the cases, you would use Recordings->Events which shows all events (scheduled, being processed and archived)."


Rute Santos
May 26, 2017, 6:31 PM

I created a separate ticket to address 1, when the workflow is paused because of an operation error, using the retry-strategy="hold" mechanism, which I am currently working on for DCE ().




Stephen Marquard