Synchronize Dublin Core date created and start date in DC temporal

Steps to reproduce

since 2.0 Opencast used the DC created field as the time when an event has been created in the admin ui and not as the time when the media has been created. For the time the recording has happend the start and end time in DC temporal have been introduced.

Dublin Core implies the DC created is not a technical date of the system like it is used now but decriptive data of the media. So it is probably the best idea to synchronize the start date and created date.


Karen Dolan
June 28, 2018, 6:28 PM

The Index service createEvent sets created 50 lines before the temporal event value is set so created uses the fallback's fallback , which is the current time.

Olaf A. Schulte
June 1, 2017, 7:52 AM

Dear All

ETH has asked ELAN e.V. to fix, an issue brought forward on list a while ago [1]. The fix suggests re-connecting dcterms:created with the recorded event (e.g. date of a lecture, a talk or whatever you're recording) instead of representing the date the video is being uploaded or a recording is being scheduled. Here at ETH, this will allow us to present the correct date without manually correcting it after uploading/scheduling and we hope other find this alignment useful to. Cf. the ticket for how this is related to dcterms:temporal.

Comments are welcome.


Olaf A.


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