As a user, I would like desktop-based capture software for quick and convenient recording


I am currently working on a browser based desktop + webcam recorder for use in UCT's LTI tool. Would there be community interest in a feature as such?

The tool in question supports Firefox 52+ and Chrome 56+ (earlier versions of Chrome may work), currently written in vanilla HTML5. Firefox supports desktop capture out of the box, whereas Chrome requires an extension (simple inline installation not too disconcerting nor too involved for the average user). As for the web tech used, the tool makes considerable use of the following:

  • navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia

  • MediaRecorder API

  • HTML5 canvas

The result of a recording is a webm container encoded in VP8 or VP9 (based on browser capabilities), which may be used as an uploadable event within Opencast.

I am not too sure on the rules regarding linking to third-party sites, but I can supply a link to the proof of concept if requested.


duncan smith


duncan smith



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