As a user, I want to be able to do my work when I want without downtime, so I am not inconvenienced.


This ticket is related to OC Dev list conversation titled "Editing location". It is about updating event bibliographic metadata on a long running workflow.

My Take:
1. Use Elastic Search as a central access source of truth.
2. The running nodes elect a job token lock queue node from amongst themselves with a failover algorithm. Only the "master" job locker can provide tokens to enable dispatching a job.
3. UI components can be used on any node. The common access to Elastic search will help in the effort of alert one node if a user on another node is also editing the same mediapackage at the same time as the user on the first node.
4. Config logic determines if both users can start edit workflows to process their edits on the same mediapackage. The current job lock token node only allows one of those workflows to run at a time.

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