Update Admin UI build tools


We are using very outdated versions of both NPM and Node in the Admin UI build system. Also, a lot of the involved grunt plugins are outdated.

Recently, I've run into an issue that causes me just too much headache to be willing to use those old version any longer: For another project, I've installed a newer NPM version globally.
When checking out the Opencast repository from scratch, I've ran into various issues when building the module matterhorn-admin-ui-ng. The only way I've found to make that work is to uninstall npm and node completely (rm -rf node* does not help).

It seems that the newer versions of NPM and Node just work better when it comes to that kind of "chaos"

The goal of this task is to update all tools and libraries used by the Admin UI build system to their newest versions.


Sven Stauber


Sven Stauber

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