As a system administrator, I expect listproviders not being used if not configured


The metadata catalogs can be configured. In particular, it is possible to configure list providers for specific metadata field so that the Admin UI metadata editor will provide a list of options to the user.

Example: dublincore/episode

In this example, the Admin UI metadata editor shall provide a selection list based on the CONTRIBUTORS list provider. This works fine.

If, however, the line property.presenters.listprovider=CONTRIBUTORS is removed, the situation is as follows:

The metadata editor in Recordings->Events->"Add event"->Metadata will correctly respect this configuration, i.e. not load the CONTRIBUTORS from the list provider.

The metadata editor in Recordings->Events->"Event Details"->Metadata, however, does not respect this configuration setting, i.e. it will still load the CONTRIBUTORS list.


Kim Rinnewitz
July 31, 2017, 9:04 AM

Note: This is only reproducible with two tenants at least.


Kim Rinnewitz


Sven Stauber