The series WOH only updates the series' title and ID on the episode's catalog, but sometimes more fields should be updated


There should be a mechanism in place for the episodes to automatically inherit certain metadata from their series.

Currently, the 'series' WOH updates the series ID and title in the episode catalog, but nothing else. A mechanism could be implemented to make this operation handle more metadata fields (not only the series title).


Rubén Pérez
July 27, 2017, 5:50 PM

Hi Karen, and sorry for the long delay to answer.

The answer is no, the series parameters will not be overwritten unless they do not exist in the episode, AND the users must explicitly indicate which metadata shall be transferred to the episode catalog if necessary. You can check the code already in the PR.

I'd say it does not conflict with the UI change proposed, but they both serve the same purpose.

Anyway, I see this patch as a workaround to Opencast's terrible metadata handling. Ideally the metadata inheritance and so on should not only be handled at an admin UI level, but also in the backend; ie one should not have to worry about metadata catalogs --only about episode metadata and metadata inherited (possible from a series), a lot like the role inheritance by users belonging to a certain group.

Former user
July 25, 2017, 4:47 PM

I may not understand what is being proposed here. But if it's that series data will overwrite event data during the series WOH, hidden and unknown to the user then it seems undesired.

Is the series WOH you are referring to different than the series WOH that adds a series to a mediapackage when the event catalog has an ifPartOf association, or is that a completely different WOH?

Will this ticket conflict with using the series catalog to auto-populate event metadata in the Admin UI prior to a workflow being created. For instance, when a user selects a series from the dropdown when scheduling or uploading event data, the event metadata is auto-populated and allows the user to change, remove or customize the auto-populated data.

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Rubén Pérez