As an administrator, I want to use the "send-email" WOH with multiple recipients and also use the CC and BCC fields


I suggest to extend the configuration of the email WOH and change the semantics of the variables containing mail addresses:

  • add an optional cc for carbon copy

  • add an optional bcc for blind carbon copy

  • add support for more than one mail address in to, cc and bcc at least as commaseparated lists in one variable.

  • you might add a variable for the delimiter, defaulting to ',', if I read the Admin UI right.
    My needs would be: There a several organizers of a series. If a workflow terminates and the event being processed belongs to such a series, a mail should be sent to them. The Admin should receive a blind copy of such a mail.
    As far as I can see, the Admin UI supports multivalued fields, e.g. Organizers and store them as a string with ',' between the items.

Fixed and reviewed


Rubén Pérez