Using TAB to move between metadata fields does not work properly in the "Metadata II" tab

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
(To make the "Metadata II" tab appear in the UI)
1. Copy $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-series-common.cfg into $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-series-test.cfg.
2. Edit $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-series-test.cfg:

  • Set the "common-metadata" property to false

  • Set the "flavor" property to something else, like "dublincore/test", "test/test" or similars.

  • Optionally, reduce the number of metadata fields on the file. In order to reproduce this bug, we just need to keep one field where the "type" property is "mixed_text", like "Publisher" or "Contributor".

(To reproduce the bug)
1. Go to the "Series" tab and open one by clicking on the "blue bars" icon at the right
2. Select the "Metadata" tab and try editing some multivalued field like "Publisher": write a value and press enter. Repeat the operation. The different inputs are stored as separated "tokens".
3. Write a value in the text field and press "TAB". The focus changes to the next field in line, but the current value was still stored as a token.
4. Select the "Metadata II" tab.
5. Select one of the multivalued fields there (like Publisher or Contributor)
6. Write something in the text box and press the tab key.

Actual Results:
The focus changes to the next field on the list, but the current input is not stored as a token. Whatever was written in the text box is now lost.

Expected Results:
The behaviour in the "Metadata II" tab should be identical to that in the "Metadata" field.

Workaround (if any):
Clicking "Enter" to store the current text on the text field still works as expected. Values are correctly stored if "Enter" is pressed before moving to another metadata field.

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Rubén Pérez


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