"Metadata II" tab disappears when switching the event/series with the side arrows

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
(To make the "Metadata II" tab appear in the UI)
1. Copy $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-series-common.cfg into $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-series-test.cfg.
2. Edit $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-series-test.cfg:

  • Set the "common-metadata" property to false

  • Set the "flavor" property to something else, like "dublincore/test", "test/test" or similars.
    3. In order to test this issue with Events instead of Series, copy the file $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-episode-common.cfg into $OPENCAST_ETC/org.opencastproject.ui.metadata.CatalogUIAdapterFactory-episode-test.cfg and edit the new file the same way as above.

(To reproduce the issue)
1. Open the properties wizard of an Event/Series by clicking on the "blue lines" symbol at the right.
2. Select the "Metadata II" tab.
3. Click on the left or right arrows to change to a different Event/Series

Actual Results:
The wizard window disappears leaving only the title bar visible. Changing to a different tab restores the wizard window.

Expected Results:
The window should not disappear when changing between Events/Series.

Workaround (if any):
Clicking on a different tab and then back in the "Metadata II" tab restores the correct view.




Rubén Pérez


Incorrectly Functioning With Workaround