Full screen function through LTI (Moodle) doesn't work properly

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Configure LTI component (external tool) in Moodle (3.1.6) with Opencast connection info and specify to lauch in embed mode or embed without blocks mode (see screenshot Moodle_LTI_config.jpg)
2. Launch Opencast video through Moodle's properly configured LTI tool
3. Click on full screen button in the bottom right to put video in full screen mode

Actual Results: Video window becomes blank/white without any possibility to correct the faulty display. Must refresh page to go back to original display. Full screen mode doesn't work (see screenshots OC_x_x.jpg)

Expected Results: Video should switch to full screen mode

Workaround (if any): Configure LTI tool in Moodle to lauch Opencast video/series in new window or existing window. Full screen mode then works as expected, though the player then displays at page's full width regardless of actual video resolution, not centered in page, which is not the prettiest interface.




David Lachambre


Incorrectly Functioning With Workaround

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