Log statements do not require Object or String arrays to provide 3 parameters or more


For some reason (I believe that the method signature simply changed), it was assumed that logger operations could only admit two parameters directly and, when more were required, then these should be wrapped in an Object or String array. That is no longer the case.

This obsolete (or, at least, awkward) constructions should be removed from the code.


Rubén Pérez
November 6, 2017, 1:52 PM

Eclipse definitely did, and definitely does not anymore. I'm looking forward to remove all that cruft if it does not take me a week.

Lars Kiesow
October 28, 2017, 6:08 PM

As far as I know, it was never required.
But someone at some point told me that Eclipse would complain about multiple parameters.
Maybe it does not anymore?

Fixed and reviewed




Rubén Pérez