External (LDAP) users cannot not see their own role (ROLE_USER_XXXX) in the access policy of the events they create.

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Connect a external provider (e.g. LDAP) to Opencast
2. Configure a external user to be able to open the admin UI and schedule events
3. Log in with that user and open the "New Event" wizard.
4. Follow the steps until the "Access Policy" tab

Actual Results:
A role with read and write rights is displayed by default, but the "select" where the role name should be displays "Please select a role". That is the ROLE_USER_USERNAME that is assigned by default, but the system does not display the role name correctly.

If the user goes on until the summary step, the "ROLE_USER_USERNAME" is correctly displayed.

Expected Results:
The user role should be displayed exactly the same as any internal user

Workaround (if any):

Fixed and reviewed


Rubén Pérez


Rubén Pérez


Non Functioning