Presentation videos with lots of text are omitted in LTI series tool

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Upload a test video as described above into a LTI series (which has respective ACLs for LTI users) using a workflow that includes text extraction
2. Try to access the series through the LTI interface (in our case through Moodle) via


Actual Results:

  • The workflow finishes without failure

  • The episode list does not contain the just uploaded episode (it might contain previously uploaded episodes)

  • When navigating (as the LTI user) to the media module, the episode can be accessed normally (with all the text properly shown) and is also visible in the episode list of the respective series. The episode is only missing in the episode list of the LTI series tool

Expected Results:
The episode should be visible in the episode list of the series tool regardless of the extracted text.

Workaround (if any):
This can be circumvented to some extend by more restrictive configuration of the video segmentation (which reduces the overall amount of segments and thereby results in less text)


  • the test video we used has ~80 slides with about 2000 chars of text

  • we access the LTI interface though our Moodle system

  • the episode is uploaded in a series which is integrated properly in Moodle (i.e. with respective ACLs for LTI users, such as XXX_Leaner)

  • the amount of segments does not seem to be the problem since we were able to upload episodes with 100+ segments without problems

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Katrin Scharnowski


Incorrectly Functioning With Workaround