Editor WOH should not encode videos unless it is strictly necessary (to save time and resources)


If, during the trimming process, one leaves only one segment which spans the whole video length, the editor operation will not perform any trimming, but will encode the tracks nevertheless. Because the editor currently does not only trim unwanted video segments, but also creates a "fade in" and "fade out" at the beginning and the end of the video, the operation should not simply skip the encoding in all cases, because some users will find the introduction of a fade-in and fade-out necessary while others will consider that it is a waste of time and resources.

Therefore, the operation should offer a parameter so that the administrators can decide the behaviour when a video contains no trimming points (or rather, when the trimming points correspond with the beginning and the end of the whole video): either do the processing anyway or skip it.

Fixed and reviewed


Rubén Pérez


Rubén Pérez