Users of non-admin groups cannot create events

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. Create a group with the minimal set of roles required to add an event: ROLE_ADMIN_UI, ROLE_UI_EVENTS_VIEW and ROLE_UI_EVENTS_CREATE
2. Try to add an event

Actual results:
Various problems:
1. Add Event->Metadata cannot be edited
2. Add Event->Access Policy does not work (once 1 fixed)
3. Workflow will fail at WOH snapshot (once 1 & 2 fixed)

So the event is not created.
1. No read access to event metadata (required to see what metadata fields can be edited)
2. No read access to ACL tempaltes
3. If event is an upload, snapshot step fails due to resources under /asset/assets/* being forbidden (403)

Expected Results:
Users of groups with sufficient roles (ROLE_UI_EVENTS_CREATE) should be able to create events.


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