Add caption support to Paella


Add Caption support to paella

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To add the captions the player needs:

  • 1) to find the caption element
    The player can search for a flavor, ¿in catalogs and attachments?

  • 2) its language
    The player can search for a "lang:XX" tag.

When using the IBM Watson service, the results are converted to a playable format via the CaptionService. The CaptionService already tags the element with "lang:en"
For other caption sources e.g. manually uploaded captions, the workflow would be responsible for setting the "lang:XX" tag

  • 3) its format.
    The captions format (dfxp/vtt) could be figured out by the mime-type


James Perrin
February 16, 2018, 2:20 PM

sorry no idea how I managed to assign this to me. reverted

Fixed and reviewed


Miguel Escriva


Miguel Escriva