Series metadata update causes scheduled recordings in the series to disappear from CA calendar

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a new series
2. Create a new scheduled recording event with the series set
3. Call the /recordings/calendars endpoint and verify that the event appears in the calendar
4. In the Admin UI, edit the series metadata (change the title)

Actual Results:

Event has disappeared from /recordings/calendars (note that you may get misleading results if testing this from the rest docs form; see ).

Expected Results:

Event should still be listed in /recordings/calendars

Workaround (if any):

This issue is caused because a series metadata update triggers an update to medipackages in the series, and a new snapshot is created for each mediapackage.

The new snapshot has an owner field of "default" rather than "org.opencastproject.scheduler".

added a restriction in the scheduler code to query by snapshot owner for performance reasons (this is a very important change and cannot be reverted). Consequently, the scheduler no longer finds the scheduler recording as the latest version is no longer owned by the scheduler.

Solution is to preserve the owner when creating a new snapshot as a result of this type of operation (series metadata update) so the medipackage is still owned by the scheduler.


Stephen Marquard


Stephen Marquard


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