Different behavior when a ready for cutting event is deleted

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
To delete an event, which is ready for cutting, you can
1.) click directly on the X in the line.
2.) mark the event and use the action "Delete" of the "Action menu"

Actual Results:
1.) X recognizes that a internal publication exists and prompts a warning, that the event has to be retracted from that channel before it can be deleted. The event itself is not deleted and you need a second "Delete" to get rid of the event finally.

2.) The "Delete" button shows the message "None of the selected events need to be retracted before they can be deleted", deletes the event immediately and leaves over the data in the NFS storage for the internal publication channel.

Expected Results:
Both methods should work like 1.)

Workaround (if any):




Ruth Lang


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