Wrong quality and untranslated description shown in Theodul player

Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce:
1. An event was ingested and encoded in 3 different qualities (low, medium, high)
2. View this multi-quality event from admin or media module in engage (theodul) player

Actual Results:
The low quality version of the video is shown instead of the medium quality (which was default in former releases). The quality selector dropdown shows the english description "Medium" instead of the translated desciption (in german). When the dropdown is selected, the german translated descriptions are shown and can be selected, and after that te correct quality version of the video is displayed.

Expected Results:
Player should show the medium quality (as in former releases), desciption of the dropdown should correspond to the version displayed and the correct translation should be used.

Workaround (if any): none (just selecting the same quality again)

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Dietmar Zenker


Incorrectly Functioning Without Workaround