Add ability to configure which LTI parameter/value to use instead of the default LTI context id


In planning a move to Canvas as our VLE and to use LTI as the integration method, however we have discovered that the Context IDs that Canvas passes as one of the LTI parameters isn't meaningful (random 40 char hex string) or searchable within Canvas so it's not possible to know them in order to create matching Series IDs in Opencast.
Default LTI integration between a VLE and Opencast appears to match the passed LTI Context ID with a Series ID to create user roles/grant access to view the media packages, so we would need to be able to select a different/optional (override) parameter to use as the Context ID instead of the default value.
For us, Canvas is the driver for this but it may be useful for other VLEs as well.




Paul Gration

Tags (folksonomy)