As a producer, I want to manually select or upload a thumbnail, so that I don't need to rely on automatically extracted thumbnails


Systems that present videos to the end-users (consumers that watch the videos) usually use thumbnail images to present the video in lists (together with metadata such as title, description, etc.).

Scope: There are many other places that require some kind of preview images (e.g. video player, segment previews, slide previews, ....). In this story, we address the single thumbnail that is used to present videos in lists.

The visual quality of those video list pages depends quite a lot of the quality (in means of content, not image quality) of those thumbnail images.

Generally, "high-quality" thumbnail images cannot be extracted automatically in a consistently high quality. Think of persons that "look weird" or "to their disadvantage" on a picture because the "shot" was taken at "the wrong moment".

Opencast is currently quite weak considering the support of this kind of thumbnail by only supporting the automatic extraction via workflows.

In theory, the flexible asset upload facility could be used. In our case, however, that is way too complicated to be understood by a casual user.

The goal of this story is to integrate fully-fledged, user-centric thumbnail support to Opencast 6.0.

Roughly, it is about...

  • The user can select a thumbnail in the video editor by taking a "shot" at the current video position. That is more efficient than uploading thumbnails

  • The user can also upload a thumbnail in the video editor in case "shooting" is not applicable

We envision an additional tab "Thumbnail" in the Video Editor that allows the user to select a thumbnail from a video stream or to upload a thumbnail.




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